FEC101 Jul 15, 2015

101 by mp236 at 6:29 with 822 & 809. Billy M learning well from the infamous ECH. Bless his heart as ECH came out on the tread just as the rain started to wave white to my sparklers. At this point a mad dash was made for the porch as the heaven's opened and some much needed rain started even forcing us inside with the wind blowing. Racks up front, all IM with a pair of Tiger Cool Express out of their "shell" on pigs, a pair of Ashley's , lots of UPS and FEC blue containers.
Anita and Caboose
All of the above, then we run/waddle up the hill under the porch for the rest of the train.

FEC101 Jul 15, 2015 vid link PART 1:
FEC101 Jul 15, 2015 vid link PART 2:

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